'The World in a London Square'

Guests often ask about the history and background of the Club and its relation to nearby Goodenough College.

The buildings now occupied by Goodenough Club were designed as a suite of town houses by Joseph Kay in the early 19th century as part of one of London's most beautiful garden squares.  They became a nursing home during the Second World War and were later entirely renovated by Goodenough College to provide guest and visitor accommodation. The buildings were re-opened as Goodenough Club in 2001.

Goodenough College

Patron: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The College is an international residence for postgraduate students from all of the major London universities and over 90 countries worldwide. It provides a unique and thriving multicultural and academic community. It offers quality residential accommodation and an unrivalled cultural, social and academic programme.

The College has a fascinating history and is of considerable architectural importance. In 1931 Frederick Craufurd Goodenough (1866-1934), Chairman of Barclays Bank, established a residence for students from what were then the 'British Dominions.' It aimed to provide a 'collegial' student community in the heart of London. The College is now fully international and offers single student and family accommodation and an extensive extra-curricular programme of conferences, lectures and social activities. It is also an attractive venue for professional conferences and cultural events.

The College is an independent educational charity which receives no state funding and relies on the generation of its own income.

At Goodenough Club we are proud of our heritage. By accommodating College Alumni, guests, visiting families and conference delegates we play our own part to help fulfil its unique vision.

Goodenough College tours take place every Saturday at 10am.  Tours take approximately one hour.   Do come and look around the College in person! For further information email tours@goodenough.ac.uk.

As a guest of Goodenough Club, you are also invited to come and have meals in the College's historical Great Hall and Freddie's cafe / restaurant. For more information please see our Dining Pages.

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